Vortex (trace_of_tears) wrote in witchhuntrrobin,

Returning to roots

It's been two years since I last picked up my pen (or keyboard) and sat down to work on my story, "Falling".  I think that's two years too long, and I think that the story I have in my head definitely needs to come out and be told.

After some prodding by Misora, I have returned to write in the fandom once more, and have decided to rekindle interest with a prologue for the story.  FF.net is now cooperating with me, so the link below will take you to the first chapter.

Title:  "Falling" Prologue
Rating for Chapter:  PG/PG-13
Summary:  A hint of things to come.  STN-J has returned, following events in the series, and the hunters are once more on the hunt for their prey. 

Black trenchcoats always seem out of place...
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